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Today was my last day doing Week in the Life. I have really enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again. I have so many ideas about how to improve my process. I’ll post about the final project later. 

Today I traveled to Atlanta to see my sister and her family. I also have some friends around to visit. My nieces had no clue I was coming so they were so excited. They have been under me the entire day! I’ve had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures – lol. That’s okay. Life’s better when you’re living it. Here are a few pictures from my day.

I packed light this time. I only had 1 carry on!
I packed light this time. I only had 1 carry on!
I don't know these people.
I don’t know these people.


Sunday wash day.
Sunday wash day.
We don't have Target in San Juan. I had to.
We don’t have Target in San Juan. I had to.
Getting close to landing.
Getting close to landing.

I saved the clouds for last because that picture is one of my favorites. I thought I was finished with pictures so I had my camera put it. I took this photo with my iPhone.
Thanks so much for tagging along. Look for the wrap up post coming soon!!

Love always, Monica

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