Viola Davis and the Evolution of Firsts

So I know this is just some “silly little award” but this is big to so many. I know some won’t get it but that’s okay. This isn’t just about acting. This is about opportunity. Saying that someone has an opportunity is different from really HAVING an opportunity. You can tell me all day that I can be an award winning actress, or teacher, or president but until people will actually allow it to happen…that opportunity doesn’t really exist. Think about it. There was a time when this woman wouldn’t have been allowed to play to speak with certain people because of the color of her skin (as she portrayed in The Help) and now she’s receiving one of the most coveted awards in her industry. This is a big deal because it’s a first. Yes…a first. In 2015 this is a first. This is why these things are big deals. It’s because we’re still dealing with firsts. So every time a winner in a category looks different than the “norm” of that category…we’ll celebrate. We celebrate every victory and recognition…because we’re still facing firsts.

But first.

Love always, Monica

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  1. Made me cry! I am glad you shared this. I am not all into the award shows. But this is one I wish I would have seen!! (thankful I now did) I love how even though there are so many small minded people still in this world…God has opened soo many doors for people that use to not have the opportunity to shine! And I look forward to so many more first time opportunities!

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