Sugar Skull Tutorial

Can I just say that this was one of the most fun things I’ve done recently? Well it is. Transforming myself into a Sugar Skull face truly taught me patience…lol. I was a little worried when I started. It took a while for the makeup to layer and I was worried that my pores would continue to show through. I’ll admit that I used a very cheap set of makeup to do this tutorial. In fact, the white makeup cost me 97₵. I didn’t expect much from it and can’t wait to try this again with a much better quality costume makeup. I also purchased a Halloween makeup kit from the store that cost me $6.99. It included small tubes of white, black, and green as well as a palette of different colors, some blood good, skin stuff, and some sponges. I have an extra one so if you want it, be sure to share my post and comment here that you did so. I’ll choose a random person and gift it to you!! I mean really – who doesn’t love gifts? I also played around with some makeup sticks. They weren’t my favorite but the white one worked well on my lips.

Here are some tips for when you try this.

  • Make sure you moisturize your face and lips. This makeup is drying. It also caused my noise to itch a little.;
  • Prime your skin and your eyelids. I’d also prime your lips. The white makeup highlighted my pores. I didn’t realize mine were so open before this! Make sure your skin is primed well. You can also mix your white with a little bit of foundation. You won’t get the stark white that I did but you’ll still get a pale complexion.
  • Put something around your hair edges if you think your hair will get in the way;
  • Have an idea of your design in mind. Of course you can wing it but having a general idea of what you want to do will help a lot.
  • Set your makeup with black eye shadow around the eyes and white or clear setting powder in the other areas. I didn’t keep my makeup on long but setting it should help it last through a party.
  • Have fun with it!!

Now, watch the video and let me know what you think!!

Love always, Monica

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  1. So you know I am going to try this right. I might need to put some crisco on my lips before I do this, because lord knows I can’t mess up the DSL’s boo. No for real .. I am SO excited to try this.

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