Life happens

Life happens. I know it’s cliché. It’s true. Life happens and my life happened and became crazy. And now I’m back.

The view from the elevator. Each sunset is an opportunity for a new day to start.
The view from the elevator. Each sunset is an opportunity for a new day to start.

I feel like so much has happened in the last few months. The holidays passed by, the new year came, I started school, I made new friends, I started a new part of my business. So much.
So here’s what I’ve been up to.


For those who don’t know, I never received my Bachelor’s degree. I used to get teased about being a career student but that really isn’t what was going on. I just couldn’t nail down what I wanted to do and moved around a lot so I always had to start 3 steps back. I’ve also never really needed a degree (and still don’t). It’s not like I’m not smart. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class and received full academic scholarships to every school I applied to. That wasn’t the issue. I just don’t think I was ever really ready for college. In any case, I’m back at it because I want to have that little piece of paper that states that I’m trainable.

The holiday season

The 2014 holiday season was really tough for me. I’m not exactly sure why but it really was. Maybe it was hormones. Maybe it was missing my family. All I really know is that it was one of the toughest ones yet. I made it through and I’m glad I’m in a new year.

New friends

I’ve made some new friends since I’ve been here. I’ve started going out more with other people and that has been so awesome. Moving is always hard and it’s hard for me to allow myself to get close to people. I made a pact with myself that I’d start embracing people around me more. I have great relationships with people afar but there’s just something about being able to go out to lunch or have a drink with someone.

New business

Custom designed planner inserts, dividers, and pages.

Okay. I don’t have a new business exactly. I’m adding on to this one. I already sell shirts here but I’m also adding crafting supplies. I’ve been collecting scrapbook paper and supplies for YEARS and realized that I really do love this stuff. My goal is to start offering classes locally to women and children but in the meantime I’ll be posting my favorite stamps, papers, tools, stickers, and supplies right here on this site. They’re coming to the store this week so make sure you check back.

So much is going on and I just absolutely love it.

Love always, Monica

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