Finish What You Start

So…why’d I choose to call this blog Monica Does It?

A few weeks ago my husband totally called me out. He said that I never finish what I start. Now, my husband is one of the nicest guys I know and he really tries not to hurt my feelings. He sees the things I do…or don’t do…and doesn’t say anything. When he called me out on my lack of follow through it really hit me.

I like to call myself a bohemian. I do what I want. I’m an artist by nature. Structure is only my friend when it comes to my diet or my bills. After Lennie made it aware that he actually saw that I don’t finish things, I made it an effort to do what I say I’m going to do. So…Monica Does It came to fruition.

Finish what you start and don't get distracted.I started by doing my video series on Youtube. I promised myself to post once a week. That was my goal. If I could follow through with that then I’d be able to do more. I then started blogging those videos. I also started working out and that’s a whole other blog post on it’s own. I find that I actually like structure. It makes it even more fun when it’s time to play.

I still get distracted but at least I’m actually accomplishing my goals. I’m finishing the laundry…mostly. I’m making sure the dishes are done before I go to bed. I’m exercising every single day. I’m doing it. And that’s why I call this…Monica Does It.

Watch me do even more!!

Love always, Monica

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