Sometimes I get discouraged. I know I’m not alone. What do I do to get out of my rut? I pray…and meditate…and think…and read. I remind myself that there is an end in sight. I remind myself of all that I’ve been through. I remind myself that this is only for a moment.

There was a time in my life that I thought I wouldn’t make it. My TESTIMONY is real. I’ll write it all out one day but for now just know that prayer works. I am so blessed to have a family that supports me in all that I do. That’s where this HUGE smile comes from.

I’ve also learned to turn to exercise. This is very recent but I’m already loving the high it gives me. I look forward to my workouts every day. If you knew me then you’d know that this says something…lol. Smile with purpose.

On another note…this lipstick. This lip is awesome! I love it. Apparently I smile a lot because this stuff was getting on my teeth like crazy! It’s called Melted Fuchsia by Too Faced. It’s so creamy and so vibrant. Who says black girls can’t wear pink?!


Love always, Monica

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