Cool Halloween Cookie Designs

I’ve been so busy, but I’ve totally been looking forward to doing more of these. School has been CRAZY but only one more semester after this one and I am done, done, done. Well at least until I work on the next degree. 😉 Okay – enough of that. 

I decided once again to challenge myself to create different designs on the same shaped cookies. I used my sugar cookie recipe to make the dough and an inexpensive cookie cutter to cut the shapes. I knew that one of the designs was going to be from Disney’s Descendants. I did a quick Pinterest search for other design ideas and came up with Jack Skellington and the Queen of Hearts. I also decided that this time I’d actually do the icing right. That means I made two small batches of each color – one for piping and one for flooding.
Get your printable one here:

Mal's Icon

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Heart Cookie

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Cookie

All of these cookies were pretty simple to do. They do take patience so make sure you have enough time to work on them. I promise you that you can do these too.

Love always, Monica

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