Racist Donald Trump

How is Donald Trump racist? This question comes up a lot from those who are trying to justifying voting for him. I’m not sure why they don’t just Google it. Maybe they just don’t agree that the things listed are, in fact, racist.

This page serves as a source for articles explaining his racist behavior. Feel free to let me know about additional articles are instances that aren’t covered in the links below. If you have friends or family that need somewhere to look for information, send them this way.

Is Trump Really That Racist? – NPR
This article compares the racism among past presidents and Donald Trump.

Trump insists on using racist language. Will that approach win him support? – PBS Newshour
This is a video production and corresponding transcript of racist comments and correspondence directly from Donald Trump.

Racial Views of Donald Trump – Wikipedia
I do not usually use Wikipedia as a reliable source as it can be easily edited by anyone. However, this listing has an extensive list of sources. Those resources serve as fact-checking and link direct sources.

Fact Check – USA Today
This article fact checks the viral Instagram post that stated that many ways that Donald Trump is a racist person.

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