This post started as a Facebook status but I’m longwinded so here we are. This could be my story. My longest race was a 10k but I’m training for a Half-marathon in February. I know I don’t “look like a runner”…whatever the hell that means. This whole idea of fat acceptance just blows my mind. […]

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I Celebrate Love and Not Hate

I contemplated whether or not I should write something today. I contemplated whether or not I should change my social media profile picture. I contemplated mentioning our outgoing president or the incoming one.  I remember Barack Obama’s campaign, election, and inauguration like it was yesterday. I remember living in Kodiak, Alaska and learning that he, […]

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To: My “Friends” On Facebook

Stormy San Juan

I wonder if some of my “friends” on Facebook realize that I am, indeed, on Facebook. I see what you post. I’m also not white (in case you missed that). When you post derogatory things about Black people, you’re talking about ME. I see that. When you say my life doesn’t matter, I see that. […]

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