10 Things About Me

Are you wondering why I have all of these posts day after day this week? Well, I’m doing the Feel Good Blogging Challenge that Alex Beadon has started. It has been so fun and awesome! Today’s challenge is to tell you 10 things about me. So – here goes. 1. I am a twin and […]

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Cancer Can Kiss My A–

Why do people say that a person has “lost their battle” with cancer when they pass away? Did they really lose? Maybe the fought for a long, long, long time and now they are ready to move on. Maybe they fought long and hard and actually won the fight because they didn’t let cancer take […]

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A One-Sided Friendship

Aaaaggghhh!!!  Have you ever felt that your friendship(s) are draining you? I know I’ve felt that way before. Are friendships supposed to be difficult? Are they supposed to be carefree? I’m not sure I know that answer. I do know that I have friends that never need anything and I love them for it. I […]

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