Thanksgiving Memories

We’ve learned a lot about Thanksgiving in the past few years. We’ve learned that the “first Thanksgiving” wasn’t about the Native Americans and European settlers coming together in peace and happiness. We’ve learned that our past has been white-washed to present a history of our country that seems a lot nicer than it really was. […]

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The Results

I’m sure this is the post many have been waiting for. First, thank you for coming along on this journey with me. Your support has been overwhelmingly amazing. I wish I would have shared while we were going through it. I could have used the collective support and prayers from all of you. We went […]

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Embryo Transfer

August 18, 2020 Embryo Transfer Egg retrieval recovery went well. I rested which wasn’t so hard since everything is closed anyway. Husband’s recovery is a little rougher, but he did well. The biggest issue is constipation. The anesthesia causes your system to get stopped up and it has been rough.  We got the call the […]

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The Journey to IVF

Monica standing at a metro stop in DC.

*This post talks about the most recent events leading to IVF. These events happened in 2019. It was a sunny day in southern California. In June 2019, I sent the email. This was the inquiry about starting the process of IVF at Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD. Here I was 10 years after first contacting […]

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Why don’t you have kids?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is why I don’t have children. It used to be asked of me almost daily but people now realize that there are different life choices. Being a mother seems like it should be a choice that any woman gets to make. It’s a given. Our bodies […]

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