New Tattoo, Who Dis?

I got a new tattoo today. I’ve been itching for a new one for a while but I didn’t know what I wanted or if I should get one. My husband’s job often requires me to have a certain “image”. I won’t go into details about how I feel about all that. Just know that I am me and I want to always be me. The desire for a new tattoo won. Ha!

I decided on getting a tree as a representation of my dad. I chose the tree for two reasons.

  1. My dad loved being outside. We would often take walks down tree-lined trails and streets. There are also huge pine trees in my parents’ backyard. My dad spent a lot of his time out there so these trees really remind me of him.
  2. Trees represented a foundation and life and growth. I wanted something to representation strength.

I also wanted the circle around the tree. This represents the circle of life. I do have plans to add more art to my arm in the near future. Maybe I’ll add some when I finish my very first half-marathon. For now, I’m letting this one heal. I love it!

It’s about to go down.
Tattoo being applied
Getting start and it didn’t even hurt!

Ellie gives me aftercare instructions.

Ellie Vega at Lady Octopus. She’s such a badass artist.

I’ll have to update you all on the finished tattoo soon. I can’t wait to see it all healed up.

Love always, Monica

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