Goodbye 2015

Wow. I really can’t believe it is already 2016. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. I do have to admit something, though. The New Year came in without much of a bang. I did see a beautiful display of fireworks from my patio but other than that…nada.
I was playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and my husband was watching football. I decided to take a break from gaming since the loudness of the constant fireworks caught my attention. You see, Puerto Rico loves a reason to celebrate. People have been setting off fireworks for 3 days now. I really am grateful for their kindness, though. I knew I’d get to see their displays so I didn’t even need to venture into Old San Juan for an NYE celebration. #WINNING

Anywho, this post is all about my 2015 so let me get to it. Here are 15 things about 2015.

1. I started my last attempt at a bachelor’s degree in January of 2015. (I’m graduating in May 2016!!)
2. I flew enough miles (and spent enough money) to gain Delta Silver Medallion status. EXCITED!!
3. I took a break from my photography business.
4. I lost weight…and gained weight.
5. I applied to graduate school.
6. I was turned down for a job that I really wanted but was secretly afraid of taking.
7. I ran a 5k.
8. I learned that the amount of love I have to give is limitless.
9. I made an amazing friend here in Puerto Rico who left and broke my heart (because I miss her).
10. I realized the importance of true friends and not just people that pretend to be there.
11. I also learned that I work too hard on the friendships that don’t matter and not hard enough on the friendships that do.
12. I missed my husband…a lot.
13. I decided that I really do want to have a baby.
14. I started making real money from YouTube videos.
15. I found my first grey hair.

There’s so much more to my 2015 but this will do for now. The year was a good one and I’m looking forward to an even better 2016!

BONUS: I did that top 9 of 2015 thing. To my surprise, 4 of the nine were of my brand new nephew, Richie.

Love always, Monica

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  1. You’ve had an amazing year lady. I am praying that your 2016 is amazing. And that God hears and gives you the desires of your heart! Much love lady!

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