A One-Sided Friendship


Have you ever felt that your friendship(s) are draining you? I know I’ve felt that way before. Are friendships supposed to be difficult? Are they supposed to be carefree? I’m not sure I know that answer. I do know that I have friends that never need anything and I love them for it. I love that I have friends that I can call on for anything. I love that I have friends who think of me during the holidays and that support me in everything. I love that.

But…I’m bothered that I have friends that aren’t that. I’m bothered that I have friends that only receive. That are slow to support. That don’t think of me during the holidays. That don’t even know what’s going on in my life…and don’t really care. Well not until their own drama is over. And it’s never over. I don’t want to be the run-her-over-because-I’m-mad-at-the-world friend. I want to be the call-on-her-whenever-I-need-her-and-show-appreciation kind of friend.

So what kind of friend am I? I think I can be a bit of both…to certain people. I know I have at least one one-sided friendship where I do most of the giving. I do know that I have neglected at least one friend. I know that I want to do better. I don’t know whether I should hold on to those “unhealthy” friendships that drain me. But it’s hard to let go. It’s hard to say goodbye. It’s hard to change.

So don’t be that hypocritical friend that acts like they do everything for everyone but really they’re just standing as a fake martyr because they want people to love them. Be true to yourself and always be honest.

Love always, Monica

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