19 Kids and a Scandal

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest scandal in the Duggar camp. If you haven’t, be sure to look for some stories on the 19 Kids and Counting family. In summary, the oldest son molested some children when he was around 14 years old.He doesn’t deny it and neither do his parents or his wife. Search online for more of the story. 

I’m actually surprised that so many people act like it’s nothing. I get forgiveness. I promise you I do. What I don’t understand is why people are telling me I need to give him a pass because he was 14 or because it happened 12 years ago. People stay in prison for longer than 12 years. Should they get a pass too? What is the appropriate amount of time that needs to pass where people are to “get over it”. Please let me know so I can keep track of that. Also, this is new to most of us. When exactly does my time start?
People are saying that he’s the target because his family is in the spotlight. I think people are DEFENDING him because his family is in the spotlight. People would be APPALLED If this was a news story about a “regular” kid.
The people that are responsible for forgiving him are the people he hurt – like his victims, or sisters, or friends, or whatever you want to say. Let them forgive. He apologized to THEM (so the camp says). Forgiveness also doesn’t mean he needs to have a show. How about that? He can be forgiven by all of America but that does not mean he needs to have a show.
I was actually a fan of the show – per se. I definitely don’t agree with some of their ways and highly disagree with the attack on the LGBT community by some of the family members. I did admire how they made their family work. They all SEEMED so happy and well mannered. 

Maybe they were happy. Maybe they are happy now. I don’t know. 

And people don’t usually like a hypocrite. If all sins are the same then why is this family treating others they perceive as sinners so harshly? Where’s their compassion?

Love always, Monica

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  1. What? Wait? They attack one sinner and act like the other is ok due to what! Hypocrite is right! I’m all about forgiveness I am. I have forgiven much in my own life, but this is a serious thing. Not something to just act like it didn’t happen. People amaze me.

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