Whites-only Clubs

Please don’t turn to a place of guilt when reading this. This isn’t about guilt but instead about realizing what is happening so that we can work towards change. I’ve been talking quite a bit about race for the past few days over on Instagram. For some of you, this is a side of me […]

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My Daddy’s Birthday

Monica and Dad on the beach in San Juan.

Today’s my dad’s birthday. Or was. Do I still say “is”? I mean it’s technically still the day of his birth. These are the things that I think about now. The firsts. His first birthday away from this earth. The first Easter without him. My first birthday without him. The first time I have to […]

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Monica Still Does It

I started this blog over 3 years ago to mostly stay accountable in regard to weight, health, and fitness. I also wanted to change my habits of not doing things. The name, Monica Does It, came out of my desire to do the things I said I’d do. “She said she would, so she did” […]

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Daddy’s Girl

Daddy watching NBA players warm up.

The past few months have been – different. I’ve been consumed with grief. I thought I was going to bounce back quickly but the abundance of firsts took over. The anticipation of an event, a holiday, a day without my dad took over my being. I withdrew from pretty much everything. I deleted Facebook from […]

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