I Celebrate Love and Not Hate

I contemplated whether or not I should write something today. I contemplated whether or not I should change my social media profile picture. I contemplated mentioning our outgoing president or the incoming one.  I remember Barack Obama’s campaign, election, and inauguration like it was yesterday. I remember living in Kodiak, Alaska and learning that he, […]

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We shall continue on…

Yesterday, so many of my friends and family called and texted to check on me. Many didn’t say why. They just reached out to see if I was okay. I appreciate that. For the record, I am fine. One thing I realized is that many people that look like me have dealt with a lifetime […]

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To: My “Friends” On Facebook

Stormy San Juan

I wonder if some of my “friends” on Facebook realize that I am, indeed, on Facebook. I see what you post. I’m also not white (in case you missed that). When you post derogatory things about Black people, you’re talking about ME. I see that. When you say my life doesn’t matter, I see that. […]

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The 35 Year Old Undergrad Student

I am about to be a 35-year-old college graduate. Not the 35-year-old that graduated from college 10 years ago. Thousands fit that. Millions fit that. But not me. I am the 35-year-old that messed around for years and finally got it together and is going to be walking across the stage to receive my very […]

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Reaching for the Moon

I just read that the media believes Prince died from AIDS. I don’t know how true it is but I do know one thing. He definitely lived his life to the fullest. Whether you agree with his lifestyle or not, you can learn from his unyielding desire to reach for the moon…literally. I’ve found myself […]

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